She's smart. She's Sassy.
She ROCKS metal detecting!

Broken nails and dirty knees. You want relics? Look at these!

Female metal detectorists have attitude and refuse to be patronized in this male dominated hobby. They're a dash of tomboy under an otherwise girlie exterior and are not afraid to get down and dirty to recover some amazing relics. Armed with a metal detector and a whole lot of passion Siren Kimmie proves women can be just as tough as their male counterparts-often navigating the harshest of terrains and extreme elements to recover those relics! Join Siren Kimmie on YouTube: Girls Rock Metal Detecting where she produces a relic packed, metal detecting adventure film each month along with the occasional fun-filled VLOG. In addition, Siren Kimmie continues her quest to highlight the women of metal detecting with the "Girls Rock' Digger" feature showcasing woman who ROCK metal detecting. Finally, don't forget to check out Siren Kimmie's Blog where she utilzing her background in journalism while sharing her random thoughts and musings; and find her hanging out on the Girls Rock Metal Detecting on Facebook!

Siren VLOG:

Girls Rock Diggers

Are you a female metal detectorist? Would you like to have your video clip and/or photos of your finds featured in an upcoming episode of Girls Rock Metal Detecting? Drop Siren Kimmie a line via email at Girls Rock Metal Detecting or Facebook Messenger at Girls Rock Metal Detecting's Facebook page. We'd love to include you!

Girls Rock Metal Detecting celebrates the ladies in the hobby of metal detecting, by creating a community of treasure hunting, coin shooting, coin roll hunting, civil war artifact recovery, digging for old coins, beach detecting, woods detecting, all forms of metal detecting. Siren Kimmie uses the Garrett AT Pro metal detector and the Garrett Pro Pointer AT. She digs mostly in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Her preference is for Civil War relics and old personal items. The older the better.